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Elite Sales Club

Easy Sales Hiring for Businesses


Grow your Startup or Business

Hire Salespersons as easy as clicking a Button

Quality Guaranteed

Our Sales professionals are vetted in-house at various levels and carry out B2B sales, B2C sales, Marketing, App downloads and conversion, etc.

Flexible Hiring

Flexible Hiring plans that Suit your Budget.

Local touch. Global Community

Wherever you're based, we got you covered.

Hire Rookies

Ambitious salespersons with Little or No experience.

Hire Professionals

Vetted Salespersons with Degrees and Experience.

  • Class A - Salespersons with First Degrees in Sales, Marketing or a related field.
  • Class B - Salespersons with Advanced Degrees in Sales, Marketing or a related field.
  • Class C - Salespersons with Degree(s) and a Proven Track Record or Industry-specific Experience.

Request Elites

Have a conversation with the Best of the Best.

  • Elites are Industry Veterans. 

  • Enterprise Sales and Business Development.

  • Membership